‘Brexit’* and Jo Cox case: why are these issues related?

This week the world looks at the United Kingdom. The referendum that will decide if the UK will stay or leave the European Union has been shaking people and the international market. But this ‘game’ is more than a simple economic issue. The murder of the Member of Parliament Jo Cox, last Thursday, has made UK citizens think further about the motives and the risks of the Brexit.

Cox was shot and stabbed in the centre of Birstall, a village in the West Yorkshire. She supported the refugees’ entrance in UK and was proud of the immigration that marks her constituency. The murder, a 52 years old man who said his name was “death to traitors, freedom for Britain” in front of the court two days after Cox death, possibly reflects the almost invisible part of the EU.Leave arguments: the prejudice against the refugees and the aim of having the borders still more closed to foreign people after leaving the union.

Photos taken at the memorial site for Jo Cox MP at Parliament Square in London.

This point can be confirmed by the presence of the anti-immigration U.K. Independence Party in the Brexit campaign, and the argument that migrants are taking jobs from British citizens, a very delicate point of discussion especially since 2014, because of the massive migration from Syria. Even though the UK government supports the campaign for remain in the EU (after Cox death the Prime Minister said that the society has to be more tolerant), the pro-EU campaign has not reacted effectively against the racist argument.

The MPs and the leaders of the Brexit campaign have been focusing on the economic and political pros about leaving EU, but Cox’s death, which temporarily paralysed the referendum’s campaign, has also been an important subject to the debate, and maybe it will finally reinforce the “remain” arguments.

* Brexit: “British exit”.

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